Xc6jUyO4aXEDear friends! Here you will find detailed information about different ways of cooperation with me. Some of them appeal to individuals, some – to business sector (companies, magazines, brends, photogalleries e.t.c). But the commong thing about all kinds of my activities is that I accept only really interesting, creative orders, complicated art teasers. I capture events that are overwhelmed with Life and colours, causing bright emotions and insights generating transformation of self and the world around! I work in the most various genres, so if you don’t find it presented on my website, it means, that my fortune hasn’t given me a chance to manifestate in this sphere. Give me that chance! 🙂

When I want to tell the world something fabulous and important, I try to use all the art languages I can speak: photography, videoart, voice, written text. You can purchase some of my oeuvre’s fruits here, in my small “Wonders emporium”.


фотография Люси Мараткановой напечатана на холсте

If you like some of my photos particularly, I have good news for you! They can “move” to your place – home or office – as an atmospheric interior art object or as an unordinary gift with a soul for your friends or close ones. It’s possible to buy photos printed on natural canvas and digital as well for further private and commercial purpose .

You can learn more, see the examples of how it looks like in the interior and submit a purchase order on the order page.


Although the better part of my oeuvre is connected with photography, recent years I’ve started to experiment with video shooting during my frequent trips. Me and editor Timur Husnutdinov, united in the creative team, started to create short emotional videoclips, dedicated to the countries I’ve been to.

One specific video serie is dedicated to my beloved daughter Amelia – my permanent fellow-traveller in the majority of my expeditions.

I offer companies and organizations,related to tourism, tourist and outside activities goods production, to purchase rights for my travel videos’ commercial application in marketing campaigns (with placing logos inside video).

As an example I introduce the description of motivate video Amelia’s little feet (6 min), the rights for which you can buy.

“The main character is the 6-year old Russian girl Amelia Maratkanova, who herself walked 140 kilometeres of high-mountain trek around  Annapurna – one of the most picturesque and dangerous mountain massifs of the world. In this bouncy and dynamic video this blonde-kidling is climbing the trek way set against the most beautiful mountain landscapes, meeting smiley local men in authentic Tibetan high-mountain villages. At the end of the video Amelia gives a short funny interview right after the reaching the highest point of the trek – Thorong La pass (altitude 5416 m).”

Other video you can see here.

All financial and technical terms of cooperation are specified aside.

Possible photo session options vary from children, pregnant women and wedding photo shoots to creative studio or outside sessions for models portfolio. There are a lot of different kinds of individual or family photo shoots. Every has its own nuances and peculiarities, which should be discussed before. The result and final shoot price depend on them. Regardless of the chosen kind of photo shoot, the service package includes colour- and light correction of all shot material (you get quality edited, ready-to-print photos), detailed after-touch and art development of the best pictures (10 to 50 items).

цветущая солнечная поляна в индии

LIVE PHOTO` (Up to 50 frames) from $ 400
Time erases everything. The deepest emotions and the most joyful lifemoments leave our memory as if they’ve never been there. It seems to us, that it’s impossible to forget the voice of your 3 years-old son,his little legs or arms, his smile and awkwardness. But when he is 25, you can’t retrace even the most significant details.

I offer you new amazingly simple, but exremely touching service – Live Photo. It is a photoshoot, consisting of 50 “pictures”, which come to life for 15-20 seconds. Those video cuts, composed by all the photography art rules, are made from permanent static point, but the person in the still will come to life, smiling, frowning, hugging you or telling some the most important words.

Video production is wasteful and utterly expensive pleasure, but at the same time final product and its perception mostly depends on videographer and video editor both, their tastes, rythmes, talants. In “Live Photo” everything depends on you, well, and me – a person, “peeped” by chance some scenes from your and your baby’s life.

You can easily watch and re-watch those monents of life, cycle them or even play one by one with your favorite music background. Thus, “Live Photo” is an affordable quality videowork, which has no limits of a film and video production industry.


Portrait photography (individual or family) from 300$

Time doesn’t wait, every next moment differs from another. But sometimes we want to save in memory those uncatchable  instants, that piece out and fill our life…

We will discuss your wishes, set up the style and theme before the shoot. Portrait photo shoot lasts for 1-2 hours and can be made in studio, outside or in any other place you prefer.

Art images from 500$

This process is very interesting but more time-consuming for all shoot participators. Such works lend variety to any model’s portfolio. An image, idea, team work (hairdresser, visagiste, stylist), suitable place and shooting atmosphere will make your shots real art masterpiece.

Children photography from 150$
Our babies grow up inexorably. We think, that we can forever remember their laugh, voice, facial gesture, proportions in 2 months, 1 year, 7 years… But a couple of years later, we discover with regret, that it all has gone away from our memory. The earlier you start making photo of your baby, the more touching and amazing those shots will be. Final price depends on the child’s age, photoshooting time, image complexity.

Pregnant women photography from 300$
Pregnancy – is a magnificent and, sometimes, one only period in women’s life. It is always an Origin, feeling of pulsating life, new dreams an hopes. It is a short time lap, when a woman is transformed, getting closer to the Nature, Mother-Goddes. You will always view those pictures with a special tenderness in future.


Stage photography (walk) from 500$

Whole day (bridal pair preparing, ceremony, walk, party) from 1500$

My wedding photos do not manifest contemporary European photography’s “fashion” trends, they are not cold, nor droningly austere – they are live and vivid, sunny and cheerful, made in the most unexpectable places. Sometimes, those pictures are tender and touchy, sometimes filled with a cute foolishness and fandangle of two loving hearts, flavoured with a spoon of my fandangle as well.


Sport individual photography from 300$

Are you surfer, kiter, hang glider, skiier, snowborder, alpinist, diver, speleologist? Didn’t find yourself in this list, but wish to capture your  credentials in photo? That’s o’k! I will keep a company to you in any conditions. Having being engaged in many kinds of extremal sport, I can shoot you in the air, water or under the ground with love and understanding!

Sport event photography  from 100$/hour


Hourly pay option  from 100$/hour
This option suits for shooting of any event, which has specific time schedule.

Shooting dayly pay option from 800$/day
This pay option would be suitable, if the departure to another city or country is required for the long-lasting multii-days event shoot.

I take the orders for the professional photo shoot from companies and organizations with further photos application in ad, marketing and commercial campaigns and activities. Different cooperation options are available.

Option №1 «Product placement in expeditions» suits for producers and retailers of tourist and outside activities goods.

The case is that much of the year we spend in journeys far away from tourist paths in the most splendid Earth cantons. Every expedition gives birth to the exclusive unique by its beaty and rarity photo- and video works, which causes deep emotional response in my readers’, subscribers’, followers’, viewers’ and critics’ hearts. You can check it by viewing photos and video from my journeys.

In this case of partnership the company acquires unique quality photo- and videoportfolio with having brand images (flags, banners e.t.c.) or goods placed in a shot. This material can be used in various ad, marketing and othere activities.

Examples of such cooperation can be seen here и here.

To start it, you should write a message to me and give all the necessary goods and brand images to me before the expedition.

Option №2 «Commercial objects shoot» concerns a wide spectrum of possible enquiries, depending on the business specifics and profile. Everything can be shot in a creative and professional way – from matches boxes to Boeings. This option fits in the best way, if you need to create a production catalogue, ads or any other information materials, that could present your goods or services in a creative remarkable way.

The enquiries that demand for unconventional approach and uncommon visual solutions are welcome in particular.

Option №3 «Фотосъемка для СМИ»

With regard to my passion for travelling and travel photography in particular, I’m opened for all offers from magazines, almanacs and other mass medias, which search for professional, uncommon travel photos for their publications.

Every order’s details are to be discussed individually, with regard to the work content, objects shot remoteness, creative requirments of the given project.

I have two avocations, I realize with joy, smoothly and easy: photography and writing. And I would share with pleasure my experience with any audience, telling them about astonishing events and faraway places, using light, joky, emotional and expressive language.

Different cooperation variants are available. From my side:

  • Photographs submission

  • Provision of ready articles in origin or in the way adopted for magazine with photos

  • Writing articles on the topic desired (very wide topics’ spectrum is possible)

  • Execution of the editorship’s order, including remote canton visiting (variants are possiple) and writing the special story about it with photoreportage attached.

I offer curators, art/photo galleries, funds, museums representatives and other specialists in art and photography to organize and hold the interactive photoexhibition “Live Asia”. This successful original project has already proved its uniqueness in Russian expo space, now monitoring for new expo places.

Read more about the project and its conditions in the commercial offer.

 The point is that much of the year we spend in different expeditions to the most beautiful and hard-to-reach cantones of our planet. As you might have made certain due to examples shown above, every expedition gives birth to the exclusive foto- and video masterpieces, unique by its beauty and rarity and due to this causing strong emotional responce in the hearts of numerous army of Lucy Maratkanova’s art followers. You can check it, viewing my travel photos and videos.

If your company is related to tourism or photo/video industry and you are looking for new non-common marketing campaighns variants for your target audience’s attracting and interest gaining, we can cooperate. Our creative travelling family can become your company’s envoy a or spokesman, presenting your brand in travel expeditions.

As a result from every expedition the company-partner would get a quality unique photo- and video material with logo images and/or goods placed in the shot. The works can be used for advertisment, informational, marketing and other purposes.

You can easily account on the powerful PR-effect due to positioning your company as a general partner within the expedition’s progress and results wide-scale media coverage. Except personal internet resources’ coverage we have an agreement with the most popular internet media AdMe.ru (over 1,5 million subscribers and followers).

Whatsoever, the family’s images’ usage in marketing campaigns can improve the image of your company perceived by the target audience.

For example, using my daughter Amelia’s image in marketing media activities, focused on young parents, may become a very effective solution. Here’s the example of the pitch:

Amelia – brave young traveller. Constant travelling, expeditions since the age of 2 months! In her 7 years this cute little blonde already took part in long hard expeditions in remote parts of Russia (Baikal, Caucaus, East and West Sayans) and 8 exotic Asian countries: India (twice), Nepal (twice), Sri-Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand (twice), Vietnam, China and Tibet! Amelia – creative polymath: she plays a flute, piano, draws and sings in a chorus, dances. She studies beyond fixed limits of traditional school system. Her school is the World itself, her friends’ geography embraces all continents

Right now we’re selecting a company ready to become a general partner of the next expedition project – 4 months in South America. We plan a wide-reaching travel program, unique due to its geographic, sightseeing, cultural and ethnographic issues. Participation in shaman rituals, visiting tropical Amazon bazin rain forests, climbing Andes and Cordilleras mountain systems, Maya and Inka’s cultural heritage, meeting the tribal population in remote places etc. The project will get wide media support (in particular, AdMe.ru with 1.5 million subscribers). If you are interested, we are ready to send you detailed description of the expedition project.

I’m ready to study a proposal of issue-related ad placement on my internet site.

I’m glad to place ad, related to promoting good and services in tourism sphere, photo- and video industry e.t.c.

Illegal, non-ethic and non-esthetic goods and services are not to be placed here.

You are kindly asked to check my current location on Earth 🙂 before you submit your enquire. If I’m far from you, it doesn’t mean your order’s execution’s impossibility – it just means some additional nuances to be discussed arise