For 13 years I see the world through the viewfinder eye and draw… I draw with light the most diversible stories: from tears on weather-beaten child’s faces and eternal snow lying on the highest mountain peaks in remote Asian corners to warm cheerful moments of our everyday life.

My colours are unexhaustible as the Life itself. I am the photographer – realist. You will hardly find here my fantasy’s fruits: I do not invent something new in photo art nor mix unmixable trying to cement my place in photoart history. No, I am a generic photographer, but there’s only one difference – the hands of my clock move a little bit slower, so it gives me an opportunity to notice something that often escapes notice.

I have no priorities in photograph: I shoot with love everything that waits to be noticed. And I keep repeating that the World is much more brighter, beautiful and mysterious, than it’s considered to be. Every moment of Time and Space is eternally unrepeatable. You have a great opportunity to notice that, visiting my site’s pages.

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buddhist monk chewing gum in tibet

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