I am Lucy GUNGANIMA Maratkanova, a nomad and a dreamer with the inevitable camera.

I am glad to greet you on my site.

 It is not just site – it’s a miniature emporium of wonders collected by myself with love and awe all over the world!

And I am excited to share them with you.


Since my childhood I believe, that once having born out of our Earth Mother’s bosom, our duty is to know her by sight. And, by the way, journey is the best school of Life! If you have no possibility to criss-cross the globe yet or you are just designing for a trip, you will find here a considerable body of useful information.


Here you will find my unique photo and video works, which touch everybody’s feelings! The most miscellaneous subjects, the most incredible masterpieces of Nature and a Human being. Those who want to touch the wonder as a creator can find here useful photo school video course.


The life in the material world is beautiful, but this beauty is only tiny bit of all spirit world’s beauties. Some thoughts and miscellaneous materials about Conscience, Spirit and Soul, Reality and its delusiveness are gathered here. And the separate section about moribund civilization, which has preserved till nowadays huge amount of knowledge about It – Tibet!!