I call my website “Emporium of Wonders” for a reason. I sincerely believe that I meet many beautiful and magic things in my life, I can share on my website. I am sure, that in real Emporium of Wonders they must be shared as a gift, not sold. Do you agree with me? That’s why you can get as a gift any photo you liked in good quality for printing purpose. You can use my video for your projects, which are attuned to me. Just write me gunganima.com@gmail.com and you will get your present!

Of course, if you’d like to thank me, making any donation (what is ABSOLUTELY not obligatory), I will be pleased. Actually, I like the idea of donation as way to say “thank you”, based on free will. A man himself defines the value of a good or service, keeping in mind his possibilities.

You can make a donation by any of ways good for you:

1) transfer via your Paypal to my account gunganima@gmail.com

2) paysend.com. Easiest way to transfer from card to card with lowest commission. My country: Russia. Card number: 4377731425521405

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Here is information, you will need to complete payment.
My currency – Russian rouble
e-mail: gunganima@yandex.ru
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Address: Sivkova, 101-53
ZIP code: 426000

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4)online transfer Western Union (choose your country) to my trastee Elizarova Elena in Russia  (+79043138299). Please write “gunganima” in the comment field.


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