Months of living in Asia, smoothly roll into years, giving rise to a trail of smiles, laughter, tears and dew drops, the crispness of the mountains and the warmth of the sea that are reflected with its light in my photos. A photograph can be commercial or fashionable, it can be the fruit of obligatory work or convey somebody’s needs. But there is another type of photo as well: the mixture of human souls, the dust of time and ringing purity of nature. The photos that form the “Live Asia” project belong to the latter category. Here you will find no fashionable trends of contemporary photo-art, no imprints of graphic designer’s hands. It is only Soul and History that live here, the space for which is vanishing nowadays.

Photoexhibition “Live Asia” is a unique project born in the Autumn of 2013 in the city Izhevsk (Udmurt Republic, Russia). The exhibition, which was initially planned to be only a demonstration of my beloved pictures, which I created during several years of travelling in Asia, grew into a fabulous festival of oriental culture, which had no parallel in scale and emotional charge! “Live Asia” not only touched the innermost soul strings of 8 thousands spectators who attended the exhibition during 5 days, but also triggered a creative wave in many city’s spheres and individual minds, which continues pleasing us with its fruits.

The exhibition title is not casual. It is not “just” pictures on the “just”-walls in “just”-galleries. It is the mosaic of the East, surrounded by heady smells and plaintive sounds. All photos have been printed on canvas, and it creates an inexpressible mixture of realistic possibilities of photo technique and fabulous effect of pictorial masterpieces made by masters, who use oil and brush. The photos divide the exhibition airspace into separate zones thanks to the design features, fastened with thick jute ropes that vertically droop from the ceiling. Carefully chosen music, where possible played live, by the best masters of our city and other Russian cities.

“Live Asia” is not a static one-time project. I would like this project to grow with the children, whose faces it presents, with mountains and flowers, that shoot towards the sky and do not stay fixed even for a moment of time. The project will grow and be filled with new works every year.

This section may appeal both to every connoisseur of art and to exhibition and cultural centres, museums, funds and galleries administrators, working in the fields of art and culture.


And, of course, you can buy any exhibition photo you like. Both digital and printed on canva (just the same way as it was presented on the exhibition) options are available

Example photo


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