I hope, you feel cosy on my site – my small wonders emporium. There’re a lot of different interesting stuff, but the main wonders for me – are my photos. Have you got acquainted with them?


If you like some of them particularly, I have a good news for you! The can “rehouse” to your place – home or office as an aura creating interior’s detail or as a unusual gift with a Soul for your folks or friends.

Whatever option you choose, a photo printed on natural canvas – is really god choice!

Canvas? Why?

I do treat my photos as living ones, every frame has its story, colour, sound, taste and smell. And they should live on the “living” material – such as gross natural  canvas. It’s really amazing – it seems as if an image really is getting alive, starting to breathe through this natural material’s pores.  And by this very unusual effect appears – the border between a photo and a artist’s painting is blurring.

Here you can see, how it can look like in the interior.

I decided to print my beloved Live Asia – large scale photo exhibition in 2013 – on this material in particular. I believe that my “Asia” became “Live” thanks to this unique combination of the travel photo and natural canvas also.

Now you also have a chance to decorate your interior with the photo from “Live Asia” or any other photo from my collection.

The photocanvas can be ordered in A1 (150$) and A2 (100$) dimensions. You can put canvas in a stretcher (in any picture framing studio) or attain to the wall by stretching its corners with jute string (preferred)

I’m ready to sell my photos digitally also for using it in private or business purposes (marketing campaigns, advertisement, leaflets, magazines, printing). The price is set individually depending on the dimension required and my author subjective value estimate. All prices for digital photos start from 100$.

How to order

Ok, so you have to make only 4 easy steps to get your photo:

Step 1. Fill the order form below, writing the photo’s type (canvas printing or digital), name of album and the numerical order in it, dimension, planning decoration (with or without canvas stretcher)

Step 2. Confirm your order and its terms (time, price, delivery e.t.c.) when our manager writes you

Step 3. Pay via the most convenient way (our manager will give all options)

Step 4.  Pick your delivered order in post office or at home

So, if you are ready, move to Step 1

STEP 1 “Filling order’s form”

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