Commercial offer of interactive photo exhibition “Live Asia” organizing and performing

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We offer to organize and perform the interactive photo exhibition “Live Asia” (by Lucy “Gunganima” Maratkanova, Russia). The central part of the project is an exposition of 150 photos, made by the author during her ethno-travels in such Asian countries as Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan, India, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand. All these works are printed on the canvas (A1 and A2 formats), which are stretched between vertically stretched jute ropes. It produces the unique natural photo-painting effect, washing out the borderlines between photo and painting art genres. Due to applying only “live” natural materials in this exposition innovation people’s and Asian nature’s faces revive and begin to breathe through the coarse-structured canva pores.

Interactiveness announced in the project name presupposes attendees involvement into various cultural, educational and entertaining events about Asian life and culture. For example, calligraphy workshops, yoga practices, ethno music and dances e.t.c. can be performed. It’s possible to organize the trade exhibition of Asian ethno goods (clothes, souvenires, inсense and so on) and sweets,  henna hand drawings, aura camera diagnostics e.t.c.

Such live Asian culture festival, organized around the photo exhibition, lets the attendees not only to see the original Asian nature and culture, but ingenuously be imbued with inexpressible live Asian spirit in all its diversity as well.

Our confidence in project’s cultural and commercial appeal bases on successful “Live Asia” holding in Izhevsk city (capital of Udmurt republic, Russia) from 25 to 30 October 2013. During 5 days this exposition was attended by 8 000 people approximately, many of them came twice or even more. The project got very blanket coverage and enthusiastic reviews of attendees and mass media. For more detailed information – see the post release and related videos. Now we have ready-to-use preparation and organizing model: from working exhibition space arrangement scheme (constructions, arrangement, installations, decorations e.t.c.) to effective business partnership models. Everything is tested, checked and proved its justifiability.

Of course the project coordinator can flexibly choose the project scale and complexity: from only photo exhibition to a real Asian culture festival, organized around photo exhibition.

Terms of partnership:

In the case of a mutual interest and agreement reached we are ready to transfer for value the complete related items set for temporary use during the project. It includes:

  • 150 photos, printed on canva (format A1 and A2)

  • Exposition plan of the exhibition arranged in Izhevsk (detailed construction, technological and design description)

  • Cultural and entertaining events and interactive activities

  • Partnership models used in Izhevsk

  • Information and advertising materials

  • Any additional information needed

The project coordinator pays the compensation for the related items set transferred and the right for the photo exposition. The amount and the procedure of the compensation are the subjects of agreement. The project coordinator himself defines all specific project conditions (dates, place, cultural events, installation set, ticket price e.t.c.), takes responsibility for the whole work complex, concerning project preparation, promotion and holding.

About the author:

Lucy “Gunganima” Maratkanova (27 years, World citizen) – photographer, traveller, blogger, teacher and young mother. Since 15 years old she travelled across Russia from the Caucasus to Baikal (mountain and water tourism), visited all mountain systems, successfully ascended Elbrus alone, floated on the rivers of all complication levels. She devoted last 4 years to Asia, starting from Uzbekistan, her beloved motherland, and Tajikistan. Then India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan, Tibet, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka followed. Her beloved daughter Ameliya accompanies Lucy in all her trips since infant age (2 months).

During 4 years of professional work in the regional photo market (Udmurt Republic, Russia) Lucy became the most called-for and high-paid professional, created the most popular photo school “Introduction” (more than 20 graduations). In 2013 she decided to quit successful career of elite wedding photographer and totally change the way of life – to live and work in a non-stopable travelling in Asian countries. The ethno-project of interactive photo exhibition “Live Asia” – unique in its spirit and scale – became a finale of her professional work in Russia.

“I am a photographer, by profession and by vocation. I try to hand down with awe and love all those emotions and beauties I’ve perceived. Nowadays travelling becomes more and more accessible, but many people use to choose so-called “civilized” rest. But they deprive themselves of unlimited pleasure devoiring our world in its most astonishing, colourful and ultimately live manifestation as travelling in Asia appears to be. May be I’m too naive, but I do still believe with all my heart in kindness and miracles, and they really respond to my call, filling my life. And I, in my turn, want to share it with you!”


Please, watch the video, where Lucy introduces herself.

You may also download the offer in the “DOCX”  format (.docx) 18,8 КБ