It is one of my beloved projects. During my travels in Asian countries I was lucky to meet and capture in photo a lot of different kids. Yeas, they are all different, indeed – sour and gay, smiley and cautious, trusting and timid. But they have something that unites them all in an inexpressable way (let alone running noses, every kid has here) – the spirit of Asian Childhood itself. Yes, there are a lot of poor regions and the life of an average child is not all honey. Usually, a child is getting used to austere workdays of an adult life, driving camels, sheeps or working in a field or in construction sphere. But when you see them, you can’t get rid of the feeling, that their life is full and real with the lack of all those “blessings of civilizations” that spoil Western kid. You will discover so much flame and life in their eyes, that you’ll not be possible to look aside. And black&white photo just stresses this obvious effect.

You liked one of these photos and you would like to receive it in high quality to print for personal use? Easy! Just note photo’s number (you can find it in low right corner of picture’s viewing window), album’s name and hit the button below! I will send it as a gift, absolutely free of charge!

If you want to use my photo for commercial needs (publishing, mass media, advertisment, polygraphy e.t.c.) you can buy rights for that according to standart photography market conditions.

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