The major Experiment in our life

After some experiences, acquaintances and epiphanies, which started even few years ago, this year on the 27th day of January, after 360 days after the Tamerlan`s birth in our temporary house in Brazil without doctors and obstetricians , we understood that there is one task which we certainly must fulfil while we are still alive – begin to change the traditional paradigm of childbirth care, which is spread almost totally in the modern world (hospital medical birth, stimulation and cesarean section) – traumatic dehumanizing experience tremendously damaging physical and psychological health of mother and baby. We are convinced that irreparable consequences of these actions are underestimated. The direction of our way of life as individuals and humankind in general is given in its first point. And after that we inertially scud from a slap, screaming and suffocating, breathing the scalding air with fear, or smoothly launch off, covered by mother`s warmth, tenderness and care.

We believe: a man’s future as well as the world’s future depends on the way a newborn enters this world, how he or she is met by it. If we want to make a difference, to initiate multistage positive shifts in humankind globally, let Love and Compassion spread in our world instead of violence and cruelty, we must change the very start of human life.

We aren`t pioneers in this important issue, but believe, we`ll bring something new.

So welcome our social birth care project – GRAVITA&GRAVITACIA

The essence: create an international homebirth center (GRAVITA) with an ecovillage (GRAVITACIA) in a private nature park for the long term accomodation.

Location: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro state, Atlantic coast Costa Verde, Paraty.

The main purpose: give an opportunity to each and every child of the world, regardless of his or her parents’ economic situation, to be born in an ideal home environment in the most ecological and safe way with professional assistance, education and support. Every baby is worth to be met with Love by this World.

Target audience:

  • moms and dads who don’t want to have a “regular” hospital birth but lack the opportunity to choose an alternative: a) it is not in every country that humanized birth clinics are available, and oftentimes future parents can’t afford a delivery in such places abroad or contract with a doctor for personal assistance; b) it is hard to find a midwife for homebirth, while in many countries their job is prohibited or unofficially prosecuted; c) it is not easy to decide on unassisted homebirth due to problems with emergency transfers to a hospital if needed
  • future parents who live in an environmentally disadvantaged or harsh climate regions
  • pregnant women without a partner/husband who especially need a supportive environment and careful assistance during such a vulnerable time
  • low-income couples / women from Brazil or elsewhere in the world
  • local Brazilian women who do not want to be one of those too many who have to undergo a C-section delivery in Brazil (up to 80% in some states)

The project consists of 2 mutually supportive parts: GRAVITA birth center and GRAVITACIA ecovillage.


International home birth center, located in brazilian closed natural reserve 6 kilometers from Parati – small touristic town on the Atlantic coast. It is innovative alternative to existing approaches to pre-, post- and natal processes. GRAVITA is a brand new way of giving new life in a maximum healthy, natural and safe manner in home setting with professional support of the world’s best midwives and family members.

Future parents in advance choose and tend their own “birth nest” in the Center, where they can spend last months of pregnancy and first time after giving birth (Brazil provides 6 months non-visa stay for the most countrys’ citizens) surrounded by people who share same vision and spirit. No stress from change of scenery, rush, communications with non-friendly medical staff, need for solving domestic problems in a new unknown setting. GRAVITA‘s professionals will take care of all your needs, starting from airport transfer. The Center provide its guests with all necessities of life.

Super bonus (!): help with obtaining permanent residence status and citizenship for all your family members (Brazil is one of only few countries, which allow that!).

Important: GRAVITA – is non-commercial social project, being funded by donations of future parents and ecovillage’s revenues. We have only one strict requirement for parents: they have to prepare for giving birth in a most responsible manner, being guided by our Center’s proffesionals and respect ecovillage’s community rules.

We believe: happiness of natural birth in ideal conditions must be available for every informed parent!!!


GRAVITA‘s ecovillage – complex of eco-housing for all tastes and budgets (150 houses, hostel, camping), harmoniously placed in the closed natural park’s landscape. The project has self-sufficient infrastructure: healthy food restaurant, SPA, water pool, children’s club, space for enrichment, creative and healing practices, concessional rent of eco-vehicles (bikes, moto, cars), vast net of walking routes in relict Atlantic forest.

GRAVITACIA – is 20 hectares of beautiful nature: ancient forest, mountain streams and rivers, waterfalls, amazing view on Atlantic ocean and surrounding green hills.

It is location with absolutely unique geographic and climate properties: easy accessability of nature beauties and wonders (best beaches in the world for any taste: from calm family ones to cool spots for water extreme sports’ fans; hundreds of islands, waterfalls, natural parks, mountains); proximity to cultural sightseeings: 6 km from cosy ancient colonial town Parati (being protected by UNESCO as a cultural heritage), 250 km from legendary Rio-de-Janeiro and San Paulo; mild comfortable climate without sharp season swings.

Ecovillage GRAVITACIA welcomes future parents and all long-stay tourists, who prefer to spend cold season in warm countries. We have one main rule – respect and follow community’s life principles (care of enviroment and all living creatures, kindness, tolerance). Prices for housing rent and services will be competitive in comparison with similar in traditional “wintering” places (India, Thailand, Bali e.t.c.) All revenues will be used as a funding source of GRAVITA project. It will allow our Center to welcome all women from all over the world, irrespective of their financial situation.


We are building a self-contained sustainable system; having been built once, it will not require ongoing external funding or depend on donors’ generosity. The project will provide itself with the necessary funding through the ecovillage’s proceeds in addition to future parents’ donations, retaining its charitable nature forever.


We will keep a vlog, where we will tell about every our step. At this stage we have only idea and great confidence in success and relevance of this project. There is no money. No experience, even no language knowledge of the country where the first center (yes, we are sure that it will be not the only one) will be based. We will tell about all our victories and defeats (which we won`t have, I hope))). We are inviting you to join us in any way: just supporting us with your good thoughts, sharing your experience; we, in turn, will share the most valuable experience with those who hesitate to start their own business for some reason due to “insurmountable obstacles”; we invite in our team those people who are close to our ideas and who really can help with their knowledge and skills; we call wholeheartedly to help project financially, because now we don`t understand at all where to find such huge funding; and, of course, we ask you to spread this information, because the main thing In this deal is to give opportunity for this young organism to sprout in all directions, and sooner or later we will see the fruits!

Read more about Project’s features in “Uniqueness” and follow the news!

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